4 New Secondary logos


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4 new secondary logos for these teams…if you don’t know, the Praha secondary is the top section of their Parliament building, and the bottom right London secondary is Big Ben…thoughts on these? are these an improvement on the previous secondaries for these teams?

as usual, i appreciate the time you take to stop and critique these…


5 Responses to 4 New Secondary logos

  1. juggoo says:

    Just not feeli’n the Heat/Dragons one, I think the one with the tail and the ball was much better. As for the others very nice step-forward on icons such like Prague’s and London. Very nice the Barons one too, you’re really close on having finished with the logos and to be ready to release unis.

    My apologize for ripping of your idea in some way. The matter is that in the past I’ve got one of the most visited NBA Blogs in Spain. Some day I stopped posting and it was a bit dead right now, but inspired on your project i have started and NBA Europe for my own.

    Take a look and feel free to criticize the ideas and some rips. For the moment I don’t find anything better than Dragons for Barcelona and Barons for Vilnius. I will present my concept’s to Sports Logos once I am ready, the more advanced one are the Stockholm Polars.

    Sorry for advertise in your blog, I’ve mentioned yours in my presentation and also on the second post.

  2. Dennis says:

    I think the Vilnius logos ROCK. Beautiful.

  3. atparrot says:

    I wrote this in a previous post but, since i don’t konw if you’ll read it, i write it again in the newest one:

    I write you from Spain
    I suppose you have chose the Barcelona name, Dracs, because of the history of their Football (american) team, the Barcelona Dragons.
    If so, maybe could be great to put some green in their dragon, or even make the green the main colour (there is too much red in this conference, isn’t there?)

  4. atparrot says:

    I really like all about Moscow team, good work!

  5. atparrot says:

    I don’t like the horse of Vilnius, it has no expression, and there’s already a horse in the knights. I prefer the previous one, with the shelter

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