It is finished.

So the Senior Show was last night, where all 21 of us seniors each had a table with our accumulated work. Here’s a (terrible quality) pic of my table…


Here also is some links to my final pieces from the thesis:

NBA Europa Booklet (the blue book from the pic)

NBA Europa Logosheets (full view of all the sheets on the right side of the table)

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who kept an eye on this project and helped me with any kind of words along the way. I really appreciate you all and what you helped me to accomplish. Now, the real world will hit me at full speed, and I feel like I am more prepared now because of this project. Thanks again!

ps: if anyone you know is is need of a sports logo designer, please spread the word ; ) lol

pps: if you are wondering what any of the other projects are, please ask and I can put up some full detail views of a certain project.


2 Responses to It is finished.

  1. Jordan Wiley says:

    These are incredible. I have some comments, but I am by no means an art expert or uniform expert. I imagine that most European teams would like the non-traditional number fonts (and, in all honesty, names beneath the numbers on the back), but you might consider adding a straight up block number set to one of the teams. Also, with your Moscow team, it was a good move to scrap the blue so that there was more color across the league, but the new scheme doesn’t really work. Not sure how you could improve it (if at all).

    I am going to tell as many of my friends as possible about this. I hope you get hired!

  2. Christophe says:

    Dear Conrad,
    Could the managers of the existing european basketball teams see your work and contact you.
    Apart from implementing NBA franchises in Europe, there are concretely an amazing number of teams existing in Europe, with the strongest in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Italy.
    They ALL have in common VERY POOR designed jerseys, and zero merchandising minds. Which is totally amazing looking, for instance, at European soccer’s big business and merchandising practices.
    You could have great business opportunities coming in Europe and sell your skills to those teams.
    Christophe (from France, desperately seeking a nice-looking European basketball jersey for now 30 years…)

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