In the Beginning…

February 3, 2009

Hello all,

This is where I will be dumping all my process from my senior thesis project, NBA Europa. To summarize, NBA Europa is an exploration of mine to create an NBA-affiliated league in several cities in Europe. Professional basketball is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and I want to grow that idea by creating an opportunity for European basketball enthusiasts to enjoy championship-level sport in a city near them…

First up, I would like to present an audit of the competition and like-minded ventures of the NBA Europa:


  • Eurobasket – overarching website for all professional european basketball leagues. Other, smaller leagues are located in the subnav of this site.
  • Euroleague – main professional league in Europe. Comprised of 24 club teams.
  • Eurocup – another league, less popular than Euroleague.

thoughts: The leagues and brands of all the European teams are based solely on history. All teams are affiliated as club teams and the systems of the leagues are akin to all the soccer leagues across the continent. With this system, no salary caps are put on the teams and a trend of the same teams being successful occurs. I feel as if NBA Europa can break this pattern and become a league where balanced play exists and top-level athletes compete with eachother on a nightly basis.

Similar work:

  • NFL Europe – the NFL’s attempt at making a league in Europe. Worked for a while, and has recently morphed into them having NFL teams play once or twice a season in European cities.
  • NBA Europe Live – the NBA’s pre-season program with Euroleague to pit NBA teams against popular Euroleague teams.

thoughts: I plan to take keys from NFL Europe as to how to structure a US league within the borders of Europe, but at the same time learn from the mistakes they made in their eventual downfall. Also, I would like to create a bond between the NBA Europe Live Tour and my league in order to better bridge the gap between the Pond for professional basketball.

Initial thoughts on team placement:

I would like to place the NBA Europa teams in cities that possess a large market as well as a love for the NBA and top-level professional basketball…at the same time, I believe I need to respect the history of certain Eurobasket teams that have found a great relationship with the cities they reside in. More success could be gained from locating an NBA Europa team in a city without an already successful Euroleague or Eurocup team. Here are my first ideas of locations for the teams:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Malaga
  • Madrid
  • Warsaw
  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Athens
  • Rome
  • Palermo
  • Zagreb
  • Belgrade

I aim to finalize this list to around 8 teams for the structuring of the final league. Any opinion on these placements for teams would be greatly appreciated…Im always looking for a better perspective on the subject. Once I’ve narrowed the cities down, I will being the naming process for each team. With that I will try to tie in to the local culture as much as possible, and again I will welcome suggestions from people who might have a better angle at this subject matter.

Please feel free to voice an opinion about any of what I have said here and I look forward to feedback anytime along this journey I have set out on…thanks for taking the time to read.